Sep 26, 2017  Dubai

Forscherwelt (Researchers’ World) to encourage UAE kids to explore the world of science

Henkel Partners with Dubai Municipality to Introduce its international education initiative in UAE

As part of its commitment to inspire a passion for science in young children, Henkel launched its international education initiative, ‘’Forscherwelt” (Researchers’ World) in the UAE through a strategic partnership with Dubai Municipality entity Children’s City.

The initiative set up by Henkel aims to encourage and give valuable insight to children to explore the world of science and to make research fun. The Forscherwelt initiative helps familiarize children with the exciting world of science and research, by allowing them to explore and understand technical and scientific processes through engaging experiments. The UAE is the first country in the GCC region where the initiative has been launched.

As part of the initiative, children will be able to conduct fun experiments related to Henkel’s businesses – adhesives, washing and cleaning, cosmetics, and sustainability. The ‘Forscherwelt-to-go’ concept will also enable Henkel to take the initiative to schools across the Emirate.

Khalid Al Suwaidi, Acting Director of Leisure Facilities Department, said “This is one of the outstanding projects in the field of social service that work with the private sector to achieve the main objectives in the field of recreational education.”

“By hosting this project with Henkel, Dubai Municipality sees the unique scientific and educational values that lie in this project. Therefore, we devoted all available resources to ensure the success of the project and to achieve the most important goal of enhancing the skills of children in learning the scientific foundations of exploration and innovation,” he added.

Ashraf El Afifi, President of Henkel IMEA, said: “By encouraging children to explore the world of science, and making research a fun and entertaining experience, we aim to imbibe a passion for scientific learning in young children, potentially setting them down the path of natural science as a career. With Children’s City being a natural fit for Forscherwelt, we are grateful for the support and guidance that the Dubai Municipality has extended through our partnership with them for the initiative.”

He added: “We feel that this is in line with the region’s focus on transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, and hope to promote innovation and R&D, as prescribed in the UAE 2021 National Agenda, through the Initiative.”

Erdem Koçak, President of Henkel GCC, said: “Children are naturally curious and want to understand the world around them. They do so by observing their surroundings, experimenting in intuitive ways and by asking questions. This is the essence of research, and we want to encourage the children of this region to explore the world of science and research through Forscherwelt.”

Established in Germany in 2011, ‘Forscherwelt’ has been carried out successfully in Argentina, Russia, Ireland, Poland, Turkey and Italy. More than 15,000 children and young adults around the world have immersed themselves in research and conducted experiments through this initiative.

About Children’s City
Dubai-based Children's City is UAE's first educational city devoted to children aged between two and fifteen years old. At Children's City, they can investigate, explore, play, discover, and learn about the world in which we live.
The City has been designed for children to interact with family and school groups to aid the learning process. It contains several exhibits and programs like the Earth Science Gallery, a nature center, space exploration center, the human body exhibit, computer and communication workshops, a planetarium and a toddlers' area - all services that facilitate the experience of living in an international culture.

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(from left to right) Erdem Koҫak, President of Henkel GCC; Khalid Sultan Hilal Humaid Alsuwaidi, Acting Director of Department, Leisure Facilities Department

(from left to right) Khulood AlKhoori, Educational Program Officer Children’s City - Leisure Facilities Department; Khalid Alsuwaidi, Acting Director of Department, Leisure Facilities Department; Erdem Koҫak, President of Henkel GCC; Naila Rashid Al Mansoori, Head of Children’s City, Children’s City - Leisure Facilities Department; Obaid Abualshuwareb, Principal Electronics Engineer, Children’s City - Leisure Facilities Department