• What is Forscherwelt?
  • What age group is Forscherwelt aimed at?
  • What offers are there for schools?
  • Is the program free of charge?

Forscherwelt or Researchers’ World is an extracurricular learning venue at Henkel’s headquarters in Düsseldorf. It is also the name of the company’s international education initiative. The aim is to promote the basic scientific education of children at an early age.

Forscherwelt is aimed primarily at children of elementary school age. The focus is on children in the third and fourth school years. Many topics and materials are also selected so that they can be used for both younger and lower secondary school children.

Forscherwelt provides teaching modules on one of the main topics (gluing, washing, personal care, sustainability) for elementary school classes in the third and fourth school years. The modules consist of several lessons and can be downloaded free of charge.