lower half of small container with a clear liquid standing on checkered paper

Be a researcher!

You can also do research at home. Here you can find step-by-step instructions for simple experiments to try out at home.

close up of hand gluing a handle to a white mug


What can I use to make my own glue? And how do I find out how strong my glue is?

hands washing fabric in plastic bowl


What does a surfactant do? Is there hard water? How do washing tests work?

close up of blon hair strands

Personal care

What are skin creams made of? What causes holes in teeth? How strong is a strand of hair?

electricity generating wind turbine on field


How does recycling work? Can I make glue from plants? What is the greenhouse gas effect?

close up of test tubes with oil and water

Additional topics

How can I measure how acidic something is? How can I separate colors? And what is a lemon battery?