close up of hand gluing a handle to a white mug


What can I use to make my own glue? And how can I find out how strong my glue is? Here we show you some experiments that can help you answer these questions yourself.

Forscherwelt@home: Properties of Starch

The video shows special properties of starch

Did you know?

From cardboard boxes to airplanes, adhesives can be found everywhere. They can be made from natural substances or consist of several chemically produced compounds. Adhesives are also specialists. There is an adhesive for almost every adhesive problem. But all adhesives have two properties in common: they must bond well to the things they are supposed to stick and they must hold together well when they have hardened.

Experiments related to gluing

Forscherwelt - Starch out of potatoes

The video shows how to isolate starch out of potatoes


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