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About Forscherwelt

Our contribution to scientific literacy

Forscherwelt or Researchers‘ World is an international education initiative by Henkel. Its goal is to promote the basic scientific education of young children.

The Forscherwelt initiative itself started small in 2011 at the extracurricular learning venue for young children in Düsseldorf – Forscherwelt. Unlike a traditional school lab, in addition to the experimentation area it offers children places to relax, as well as spaces for movement, mutual exchange and reflection.

Initially designed for employees’ children only, the content of the program is based on Henkel’s own research areas. It includes specialized vacation courses and teaching modules on the topics of gluing, washing, personal care and sustainability. There are also training courses for teachers.
In the meantime, the vacation program for the employees’ children has become a popular extracurricular learning venue for local elementary schools. And since 2014, the Forscherwelt initiative has gone international. At Henkel sites from Asia and the Middle East to North and South America, the initiative is committed to basic science education. Under the motto “Forscherwelt to go,” there are mobile programs for and at schools, regular courses at extracurricular learning sites run by partner organizations, and digital modules.

Encouraging science education

Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders’ Committee of Henkel, was herself interested in “experimenting” from an early age. Her own fascination for the sciences has led the doctor of biological science to put in place a system that shows children how much fun can be had by “playing with science” in their formative years. Under her patronage, Henkel launched the long-term educational initiative for children in April 2011, aimed specifically at younger children up to 10 years of age.

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“There is so much in this world to discover. That’s why curiosity, having the courage to ask questions and finding the fun in researching are what lie at the roots of our ‘Forscherwelt’ initiative – igniting children’s interest in the sciences.”

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