Forscherwelt Education Programs

Forscherwelt is active in a number of areas:

One-Week Vacation Courses for Employees' Children in the 3rd and 4th Grades

During one-week vacation courses, the children take part in experiments that have a connection to Henkel. A total of 24 third and fourth graders can conduct research at the same time. They are supervised by a team of six trainee teachers headed by Dr. Katrin Sommer, Professor of Chemistry Didactics at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

The vacation courses introduce the children to one of four Henkel topics – adhesives, laundry, cosmetics or sustainability – from a wide variety of angles. The courses involve chemistry experiments as well as internet searches, visits from experts, producing radio ads and other forms of presentation as well as market research conducted with employees about products developed by the children. Everything the children do at Forscherwelt reflects the day-to-day work of adult researchers and product developers. This gives the children an excellent insight into the world of work of their parents.

Six-Month Cooperation Programs with Elementary Schools

Forscherwelt offers elementary schools the opportunity to participate in nine-part teaching units. Elementary schools with a third or fourth grade class who would like to come to Forscherwelt in the mornings for nine double periods are welcome to apply. There is also the option for third or fourth grade students at all-day schools to come to Forscherwelt in the afternoons to set up a "Research PLC."

The content of the program is based on the vacation courses developed in collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum.

The courses are always supervised by Henkel employees, but the children's teaching staff are also closely involved in the lessons. Before the teaching unit begins, Henkel therefore organizes a training course at the Düsseldorf site for the cooperation partners, which is designed to enable teachers and support staff to supervise and guide the children during the experiments.

Teacher Training Courses at Forscherwelt

Forscherwelt offers training courses for the Adhesives, Cosmetics and Sustainability teaching units. The events are aimed primarily at elementary school teaching staff, although parts of the programs are suitable for both elementary and junior high school level. The training courses are therefore open to all education professionals who would like to conduct research with younger or older children. The courses are free of charge.

Henkel Daycare Centers: Staff Training and Research Mornings for Preschoolers

Henkel has three daycare centers close to its Düsseldorf-Holthausen site, which are funded by the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO). Forscherwelt and the daycare centers cooperate on programs that include courses on conducting experiments in the elementary sector, and research mornings for preschoolers, at which mini-researchers can try out individual experiments from the program for elementary school students.

Cooperation with St. Ursula's Vocational School for Trainee Educators

The College of Social Education trains educators who will later work in daycare facilities, public all-day schools, juvenile residential facilities and youth clubs.

Henkel offers the students training in natural sciences during their probationary year. The opportunity to familiarize themselves with the subject using a hands-on approach encourages the students to integrate a scientific way of thinking and acting into their everyday teaching work as a matter of course. These educators act as multipliers and are able to proficiently foster children's interest in science.