Architectural Concept

Designed by non-profit company wonderlabz, Forscherwelt is tailored to the needs of its young target group and differs markedly from conventional labs. In addition, Forscherwelt offers retreat spaces and rooms for relaxation, meetings, communication, presentations and movement.

The floors, furniture, lighting and ceiling panels are coordinated, increasing the visibility of the individual function rooms. They help the children find their bearings and prevent them from feeling lost in what is, to them, an alien environment. In the secure space of Forscherwelt, the children can concentrate on what they are doing.

Design elements such as the ceiling panels and curtains have dual functions, providing noise protection and at the same time playing a key role in determining the lighting mood.

The overall goal of the architectural concept is to create an atmosphere in which the children feel at ease and to provide an ideal environment where they can learn while having fun.


The design of Forscherwelt has received three awards from renowned design competitions:

  • Red Dot Design Award winner
  • iF Communication Design Award
  • Special mention at the German Design Award 2014.